The Truth About Fat loss: 3 Easy Steps to Fat loss

Fitness / 4 min read / 30 January 2022

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A Lazy Science Writer,

Are you a teenager stuck at 90 kgs looking for a crash diet or a person in her thirties really thinking about doing keto after hearing about it from her friend? Well, here’s a tip: “ Don’t”. Maybe you will lose 5 kgs in a week and think of yourself as the epitome of health, without even realising the health risks, which includes weaker heart, weakened immune system and slowing down of your metabolism, which in the future may result in weight gain again and these are just a few.

It is only natural for anyone trying to lose weight, to want to lose it very quickly. But it is recommended, a steady weight loss of 0.5-1 kg is the most effective in keeping your weight off in the long term weight management.

Here are some simple steps to lose weight:

1. Stay in a calorie deficit
The secret to weight loss is nothing but staying in a calorie deficit. In the end weight gain and loss are the results of calories in and out. Calories are the units of energy that your body uses and when you consume fewer calories than you burn, you are in a calorie deficit. Staying in a calorie deficit is easy. Find your maintenance calories with a calorie calculator available widely on the web, and consume 200-300 calories below it. As you lose weight, your maintenance calories will decrease over time. Calorie deficit can be achieved in two ways: by consuming fewer calories and increasing physical activity. It is more sustainable to create a calorie deficit through diet rather than exercise alone. A few easy ways to cut calories are mentioned below:

  • Replace refined carbs with whole grains. Whole grains make you fuller fast, take down your hunger levels thus, you end up intaking fewer calories.
  • Don’t drink your calories. Sugary beverages have hundreds of empty calories, including drinks like soda, juices and fancy coffee drinks. Alcoholic drinks are packed with calories too. A single 650 ml beer bottle contains nearly 284 calories.
  • Limit highly processed foods. Processed foods contain high concentrations of sugar, salt and fats, which increase the calories immensely and make them highly appetising resulting in excess consumption.

2. Build More Muscle
Adding more muscle to your body will help you burn calories faster. Muscles require energy to survive,they increase the metabolic rate of the body. Scientific estimations state that one kg of muscle burns nearly 10-15 calories every day. Since it also increases your resting metabolism- you can burn calories at rest.

Muscle can be built by simple resistance training, adequate consumption of protein and 8 hours of sleep. Gaining muscle is easy in the initial phase since the body reacts to the sudden external stimuli quickly but it gets more challenging after 1-2 years of subsequent gains. While maintaining that extra muscle is again easier.

3. Eat More Protein
Of all the nutrients we eat, proteins are the most important for losing fat. They keep us full, which prevents overeating. They take up more energy to digest than carbs and fats thus boosting our calorie burn throughout the day. If accompanied by weight training protein helps in building muscles. Eating 1.8-2 grams of protein per kg is recommended to meet the daily protein requirements.

Some easy sources of proteins are eggs, lean meats, milk, protein powder, paneer, tofu, lentils and many more.


  • High consumption of added sugars and red meat can increase risks of getting colon cancer
  • Deficiency of Iron causes Anemia and that of Protein can cause Kwashiorkor's disease
  • Guavas are rich in protein
  • Food items containing alot of fibre are related to weight loss